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     Cat Videos Short Video Clips Of My Cat Going To The Swedish Veterinarian. I had to make cat videos short then for the most important part of my cats trip was to make her feel safe. As you see Zola the talking cats ok in the car now for she was not cussing or yelling and we all know no cats love going to the vet eh grin.

   Cat Videos of Cats Eating Hamburgers From Burger King Shows My Cat Loves Burgers. After the veterinarian trip we took my cat in the car for a car ride to get my cat Hamburgers. Grin. This cat videos of Zola my cat eating a hamburger she went in the car to get with us as treat for having to go see a veterinarian. Info about cats asthma and allergies and the trip to the veterinarians office in Sweden is below.

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  My Cat Hates To Go For Car Rides Or Be In Cars For My Cat Knows The Car Takes Her To Veterinarians Or To Move. Some cats love riding in cars but my cat hates car rides until the day Zola my talking cat went to see the Swedish VET aka Swedish Veterinarian for my cat knew that car ride was taking her to get a Burger King Hamburger after the veterinarians office *Grin.* I was holding my cat Zola and had to pet my cat zola lots in the car and at the Veterinarians Office so filming videos and taking photos of my cat in the car and at the VET was not so easy. Cat photos below shows my cat in the car going to the Swedish Veterinarian in Varberg Sweden.

Funny cats looking around and having a fun cat ride in the car probably one of the few times this cat riding in a car was happy and calm looking around like she did not mind the car ride to the veterinarians office in Sweden. I think since I bribed my cat with a Hamburger from the Swedish Burger King she felt more like she was hunting with me rather than seeing a Vet.

    As I was trying to calm my cat Zola the Swedish Veterinarian was talking about how Zola now had cat asthma. The veterinarian said my cats coughing and asthma sounds of wheezing was in fact cat asthma and cat allergies. The veterinarian gave my cat a prescription of cortisone to give my cat with instructions about how much and how often to treat my cat for asthma. My cats asthma and allergies got better and my cat coughing was much less after giving my cat medicine after just a few months. Zola has cat insurance. It is good to have cat health insurance but in Sweden veterinarians are much like doctors for they do not charge as much as you would pay in the usa to visit a vet aka pet doctor. I smoke outside away from Zola so the cat asthma was not from smoking around her. My cat got asthma from sleeping on styrofoam that Martini had left on the floor for a few months until I threw it out and replaced it with one of her cat beds. Sadly in December 2009 Zola and I moved in with Martini. I being american always heard styrofoam was a danger to eat off or drink out of or to use since it was said to put small parts of chemicals in ways into the air. Martini sadly told me it was an american myth and being stupid as usual I believed him. God I hate myself. Sadly it is true styrofoam puts toxic chemicals in the air. That is not some american wise tale for even the Swedish Vet told me that was probably where the asthma came from. I never left things out or had dangers around zola back home in the usa but when I was living with Martini in Sweden cleaning things up that are left around and watching what goes was a very important part of keeping zola safe in life for she is my life and my world out here for we do everything together.

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From Bad To Worse May 2014 Baby Zola Is Away In The Hospital With More Health Problems

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    Funny videos of funny animals and nature with art and life in sweden as well as my face paintings and art sites shows my cat zola the talking cat with my life in Sweden below to share a cats life and cat slaves life in Sweden grin. My cat moved from the usa to Europe around 2009. If my cat Zola could not have moved to Europe then I too would have remained home in the usa for in ways my cats my life. I often wish I did not relocate my cat and I from the life I had made work so well for us both in the usa but the nature and animals in Sweden are beautiful and Zola my cat loves being anywhere as long as I am there with her. I hope or wish to rebuild my life with Zola in Sweden or any country in Europe if I can make enough to continue doing most of my work at home to be near Zola. Zola the talking cat says she loves the ocean view and watching the birds and animals in Sweden. The .se websites below to show what my talking cat and I have been up to for our time in Sweden. That text was obviously written before my baby Zola passed away. I had held hope and remained in ways able to put up with anything in life as long as my baby Zola was with me. Now that Zola has passed away I can only hope pass on soon to be with my beautiful baby Zola in heaven. Min Konst Och Video Sideor. Videor och bilder från Sverige Till Danmark