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     The cat eating videos show times when Zola gets special treats like steak & hamburger etc but my cat does not always eat hamburgers and steaks etc. Most of the time my cats on a diet of healthy foods for cats. Back home in the United States aka USA I gave my cat the best cat food in the USA via Natures Recipe. Natures Recipe cat food was the only cat food I trusted. After moving Zola my cat to Sweden I tried to find the best cat foods in Sweden with only healthy real meats and safe ingredients. Zola my cat was always healthy and showed no signs of illness in anyway until after 4 years of my cats life in Sweden via 2013 when my cat got asthma. Zola was given medication for cat asthma every month or two as needed. After checking my cat Zola for asthma in 2013 the doctor said it looked like my cats asthma went away. In 2014 sadly Zola lost her eye sight and went blind Zola my cat was diagnosed with kidney problems and high blood pressure that may have made Zola my cat blind. My beautiful baby cat Zola was put on special kidney food for cats with medicine the Swedish veterinarian prescribed her to take daily to lower my cats high blood pressure. After a couple months on the return visit to the cat specialist in Sweden everything looked well and my cats blood pressure was back to normal yet my cats kidney problems were not checked again that day.


   May 9th 2014 around 14:00 on Central Standard European Time Zola started moving around as if she was weak. Zola my cat was laying on the floor breathing fast and sticking out her tongue like a dog or cat panting. I was crying and holding Zola as I made frantic calls for help. Before 15:00 I had Zola at a Vet in Varberg Sweden that found Zola now had low blood pressure. I was always Very careful to give the right amount of blood pressure medicine to my cat yet the vet said this was not from the wrong amount of blood pressure medicines for my cat. The VET said my cats body was in a sort of shock and she had low blood pressure VERY LOW FOR CATS as well as a VERY LOW Temperature with her kidneys now being much worse than when checked a few months prior. The VET in Varberg Sweden took some blood and checked my cats kidneys and other things to see why Zola was in shock. The Varberg VET helped to stabilize my cat Zola by giving her an iv with fluids and having her breath oxygen as she laid covered in blankets. After checking her temperature a final time and prepare her for a trip to the animal hospital where zola had seen her eye specialist about 30 to 40 minutes drive away. That Animal Hospital she was sent to is said to be the best and biggest animal hospital closest to our home made it also a wise choice. We arrived with Zola my cat at the animal hospital in what you can call record time on driving anywhere with Zola. The VET took us in right away and checked my cats temperature yet again while taking again more blood to check there. Zola had a point in her temperature drop and was breathing a bit slower but not much else changed in ways of my cat acting weak etc.

More information about cats blood pressure, information about cats low blood cell count, information about cats kidney problems and trip to vet in Sweden info about zola my cat at pet hospital in Sweden 2014 May 10th updates the next day and on in May 2014 Cat news updates below links to cat photos and cat videos etc.

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Another Long Day in May 2014 Zolas Information About Zolas Overnight Stay At The Vet In Sweden & Updates On My Cats Health May 10 2014

  It is the next day in may 2014 after a very long night. My eyes are swollen from constant crying as my heart is broken for having to leave zola over night at the animal hospital in Sweden. They would not allow me to stay in the hospital with zola overnight and martini told me they would not allow me to wait outside overnight. Only the pet hospitals workers are allowed there overnight it seems even if your cats in critical condition. I kept trying to send esp vibes or mind messages over night to zola to tell her I love her and for her to get well. In the night we got a call at 9pm telling us she was a little more alert and her temperate raised a bit as they were watching her and caring for her there. I am still so scared and sad yet in ways it helped so I had a few moments between tears. I slept a few hours but in waking my eyes were swollen so I sit typing like I were blind with not watching keys or words to rest my eyes for the day. I am SO BADLY HOPING they will allow me to take baby zola home or to the place we live in Sweden which is the home we live at still. You know what I mean.

  In finding out also my cats blood cell counts low the VET in Sweden is talking of giving zola some blood while she is at the vet today. Though office hours for the animal hospitals closed the workers are there and will be calling to tell when I can come visit and be with zola today. It has been a long night and it only just now 4am so I sign out to shower and get coffee and wait and wait and wait as time seems so slow now days. Not sure when if or what happens on pages and life but I only want my baby zola back to being ok and back with me.

RIP ZOLA Evening Of May 10 2014 Zola Passed Away

  My baby Zola is gone now. After being told we should give Zola the lethal injection aka kill zola also called putting her to sleep at an animal hospital in Slöinge Sweden aka (Slöinge Djursjukhus) I said not unless you kill me too. After crying and begging them to kill me also with the lethal injections they realized I was serious and was not willing to give up on saving Zola. They would not kill me and realized I was not going to give up on trying to save Zola so one of the vets there said it was possible Zola could get a blood transfusion from one of the animal hospitals in Helsingborg Sweden and maybe live a bit longer as in a week or even months etc. We then found a Swedish animal hospital closer to Varberg Sweden in Gothenburg Sweden aka Göteborg Sverige and took Zola from a swedish animal hospital near Falkenberg Sweden via Slöinge Sverige known as slöinge djursjukhus to a Swedish animal hospital in Gothenburg Sweden aka Göteborg Sverige Djursjukhus Blå Stjärnan I held and loved on Zola as she laid on me in the car on the way to the animal hospital in Gothenburg Sweden while telling Zola she was going to the hospital to get tiger blood given from a tiger that loved her also and wanted to help her get well. Of course Zola is a tabby cat and was not getting real tigers blood but a match to her blood to try to save her life. Zola thought of herself in ways as a tiger and liked to be called my big tiger and my baby Zola. Zola had a very low blood cell count and her kidneys were only working at about 12 to 25%. The Vet at the Swedish animal hospital in Slöinge Sverige said it was possible to get Zolas blood cell count up and help her feel better by a blood transfusion then possibly get her on medicine to slow or hopefully stop her kidneys from failing as they were. That gave me hope.

  The Swedish animal hospital in Gothenburg Sweden that my baby Zola spent her last moments in was Blå Stjärnan Djursjukhuset I Göteborg Sverige. Zola had pet health insurance with Folksam. The Folksam pet insurance covered up to 30000 SEK (30000 SEK is only about 4,500.00 USD) but of course the Vets in Sweden were all told that there was no limit to the amount of money that would be given for Zolas life to be saved. The Vets in Gothenburg Swedens Animal Hospital Blå Stjärnan Djursjukhus were kind and amazing people but even they could not save my baby Zola. At first after having more oxygen given and of course having cat love given Zola responded well in ways acting more alert and even drank some water. Sadly again I was told I could not stay with zola since she was again going into intensive care just at another animal hospital in Sweden but they told me there was always someone with the animals to comfort and watch over them 247. Sadly I had to leave her in their care and wait for the call to tell when I could visit her the next day. After what felt like a very long time that day the worse call came in tell me that Zola had made a turn for the worse and her kidneys were failing fast. After the attempt to help Zola get her blood cell count back up my poor baby had total kidney failure. I made it in time to hold and kissed Zola as she left this evil world. I miss Zola so much. I loved Zola more than life itself and now I hate life more than anything. In ways I hope my life is short and I can go be with Zola again. I wish I could restore pages and videos of Zola online again to share the worlds most amazing and worlds most beautiful cat with you but it is so hard to live and very hard to find the will to do anything right now. I wish it was me that died instead of Zola! I hope I will not have to live in the world without Zola much longer! My baby Zola fought hard so hard you can not imagine.

My cat websites links to more fun websites owned by Hilary Leigh with more cat links to cat websites & cat related pages about cats. My Website & other fun websites are all in ways cat inspired by Zola. Min Konst Och Video Sideor. Videor och bilder från Sverige Till Danmark