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     Top Cat Videos Talking Cat Videos Filmed IN DFW via funny talking videos from funny news NBC5I news video filmed around Christmas time in Dallas or north dallas via Carrollton Texas News Videos From NBC News On USA TV. I caught my cat on video saying Hello and talking like a human. I wanted to share my cat video with the world to show people cats can really talk and my cat is one of the real talking cats that has vocal chords like a human. Not only does Zola my talking cat say many words but this cat knows what the words mean. Cats are like babies in ways for babies need lots of love and attention much like cats and babies can learn to talk and what words and phrases they say mean. People that think cats are not smart really do not know much about cats for cats are even thought to have ESP and of course animals have souls and feelings probably much more than most humans. Grin

Talking cat videos of my cat shows cat saying dada or cat trying to say dada in early videos

  More talking cat videos below for funny videos of before and after cats talking. Zola my cat talks very clear and sounds like a child when my cat talks to me yet when my cat talks to her daddy this cat sounds like a human man or adult male. I think me talking baby talk to cats like I do makes the cats think that is how the cats talking to me should sound *grin* The talking cat video below is a funny cat video that shows when my cat first started trying to learn how to say Dada. The talking cat video that shows my cat talks like a child calling her Dada. Later Zola learned how to say Dada much more clear.

Talking Cat Videos Of Zola Talking Cat Saying Help Me Mama shows cats learning to talk

   Talking cat videos funny cats saying I Love You before my cat learned to say I Love You like a human voice or clear. The funny cat videos more a cute cat video clip for my cat can say I love you very clear and of course my cat does love me as I love my cat. Cats know what I love you means and my cat saying I Love You now is clear and clearly amazing.

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 Early years of my cat talking caught on webcam overnight shows my cat learning to talk like a human saying Hello in the video of Zola my cat that really talks.

Cat Videos Of Cats Watching Cat Sitter & Buy Cat Videos For Cats Online!

cat videos cat loves cat sitter. Videos of cats watching cat sitter videos for cats & buy cat sitter videos for cats here

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Cussing Cat Videos With Talking Cat Videos Of Zola Talking Cat Saying Hi *Page 2 Talking Cat Videos Here* Funny Talking Cat Videos & Info About Cats Talking via Talking Cat Zola Page 2 Has Zola Cat Playing Cussing Cat & Cat Saying Hi with more talking cat videos


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Cat Videos Of Talking Cat Before Talking Cats Learned To Say I Love You. My Cat Says I Love You Clear Now.

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  More funny cat videos, cat photos and cat pages with my funny cat websites found on my cats home page or homepage via the real talking cat online. This video pages is just misc videos not even the top 10 videos or top 100 videos of talking cats to show my talking cat videos online here. My cat has thousands of videos online and some days I sort video links or videos online here to share the videos first not the top videos or top video webpages here just unsorted random cat videos as I work to get my cat websites and video websites as well as my life all back together in ways. March 2013 I hit really hard times online and in life but I still have my cat so for that I know I am lucky no matter I face or feel any pain and stress is gone with just a bit of cat love. Cats are amazing and healers in many ways. Update on the talking cat zola sadly in 2014 my life hit an all time low really for my baby zola the talking cats now left me behind in the evil world to only hope I can die soon to be again with my beautiful baby Zola.

2014 Rip Zola. Sad Cat News About Talking Cat Zola My Beautiful Tabby Cats Passed Away

RIP ZOLA May 10 2014 My Talking Cat Passed Away

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