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    Below is information on how I found Zola my cat. Maybe I should more say how my cat called me to her and decided I was the lucky human that she would go home with. In ways it was my cats ESP and my cats beautiful soul that drew me into the dallas pet store that day. I knew from the time I saw Zola and heard her beautiful cat voice call out to me that she was meant to be my baby and I would never be alone in life again. About a month or two before I walked into that pet store I parked my car outside telling myself not to go in for it was the wrong time to get a pet and looking at caged animals without being able to free them or rescue them and take them home with me is not easy for me.

   About a month or two later I went in the pet store PETCO in Carrollton Texas I saw the world's most beautiful cat. That cats name was and is Zola. *Grin* In looking at the position of my cats cage in PETCO Pet Store I found out that my car was parked right on the other side of the wall that baby Zola's cage was beside when I parked outside PETCO in Carrollton that day and forced myself  to go home instead of going inside PETCO. It was like I felt Zola there and felt I was being in ways sent to go inside PETCO every day I passed it on my way from work. I am so glad that the last time I felt the calling of Zola in my mind and heart so strong that I finally got my dumb butt inside PETCO to see what wonderful life and love was waiting for me so long.

   Leigh got Zola from a pet store in December Of 2003 Carrollton Texas PETCO Pet Store just down the road from her house at the time. Zola the beautiful tabby cat was hiding under her baby bed in the pet store when Leigh walked by looking at the pets or animals up for adoption aka for sell. When Leigh got near Zola's cage zola the cat talked with cat sounds then saying the most beautiful meows in the world *Grin*. Leigh then went to put her hand in the cats cage and try to reach her. Zola the cat was no longer scared and hiding in the cage for then at that time the beautiful cat Zola came out and started giving Leigh rubs. The people working at PETCO talked to Leigh saying that was Zola's last day there at the pet store in Carrollton then Zola the cat was going back to the SPCA shelter. Leigh was told by a worker there that at that time the SPCA did put animals to sleep. *Putting animals to sleep is a way people try to make it sound better but what they mean is they kill the animals not put them down for a freaking nap. People can be so inhuman at times.

   Poor baby Zola for all she wanted was love and someone to feed her and care for her. There was no way Leigh could leave Zola there after seeing her anyway but waiting for the SPCA in McKinney to call and allow the PETCO adoption of Zola to go through for Leigh was very stressful. Leigh was thinking of how to break in and steal zola that night if they did not let her adopt the cat. Grin. However Leigh was very lucky and got to take Zola home! Leigh is lucky she found Zola & lucky they let her adopt the cat Zola aka Leigh's baby zola and angel in many ways. In many ways Zola has changed Leigh's life already. Zola the cats not only a cutie but very smart and loving as well.

    Instead of talking in 3rd person I will copy the last part of the info about zola as it was talking in 1st person a bit more normal eh grin. Here we have it .. I am not sure if I take care of her or if she is the one taking care of me. Grin. When I got Zola she was 1 year and 2 months old around Christmas of 2002. Every day we get even closer. We do just about everything together. Sometimes when I am in the shower she sits outside the curtain and does cry for me to come out. She wakes me daily with kisses and always helps me type. Grin. Sometimes it is a little strange when she takes over the chat room but, maybe they just can not yet translate kitten talk.

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    I hate to think what would be of either of us had I not allowed myself to go into the store and find Zola my cat there. Really I think she is the one that called to me and found me. I am happy for that. I am pretty sure I would not be here in life typing to you folks had she not been with me through some of the times that I had to face. I have always tried my best to make her as happy as she has made me. I only hope that one day I will make her feel as much love as she has shown to me. She is a very special and unique cat. I am lucky to have her.  Cute cat photos and the best cat website with the famous talking cat. Kids love this website and cat cam. Pictures of the beautiful tabby cat model. She is the internet star and most photographed cat ever. Enjoy the funny and cute cats photos and site. This is the best cat website for family fun. Bring the kids and cats to check out this cool cat cam, photos of this cool cat, funny cat videos of her talking, playing and being a cute kitty cat. Photos of this big baby kitten Zola are all through the links of the website.

Funny Cat Videos of Zola my talking cat. Funny Cats, Cat photos, Cat videos, Cat pictures of my funny cat. Cat Info about Cats or Cat Love. I love cats and if you love cats or want cat love come to our cat chats for chats about cats and other pets as well as fun chats about family. Pets and Animals are family and cat owners know that we are really the slaves they picked to server them but, oh how lucky and wonderful it is.

Sad cat news about cats trip to vet in 2014 links there to talk about now in 2014 what the Swedish Veterinarian has found in ways of the day my cats blood pressure dropped and my cat showed signs of her body going into shock. Later finding kidney problems with blood pressure going from high to low in my cat and blindness etc in my cats vet in Sweden 2014

2014 RIP Baby Zola. Sad Cat News About Talking Cat Zola My Beautiful Tabby Cats Passed Away

From Bad To Worse May 2014 Baby Zola Is Away In The Hospital With More Health Problems

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